“Watercolor is my passion. I like the freshness that can be achieved with overlapping washes 
of color on paper.” “Watercolor is my passion. I like the freshness that can be achieved with washes of color on paper.”
Thats a Dusey
19”H x 29”W
Training Wheels 
27”H x26”W
Soaring Kite Watchers.
28”H x 21”W
Make a Wish
12”H x 28”W
Balloon Gathering 
28”H x 21”W
Camouflaged Turtle
20.5”H v 25.5”W
Rest Stop
16H x 24.5”w
Tail LIghts
16”H x 28”W
Oops Soup
16”H x 28”W
18.5”H x 26”W
Knit One, Sheep Two
17”H x 22”W
Blazing Blades of Grass
14.5”H x 21.5”W
29”H x21”W
Giant Sequoia
19’W x29”H
27.5”H x 16”W
On Top of Spaghetti
27 1/2”h x 19”w
Stack the Dice
18’H X 18”W
Bright Lights.
17”h x 19 1/2”W
Jumbo Jacks
21 1/2”h x 28 1/2”w
Aloe Garden
20’h x 26’w
A Snail Tail
28”h x 19”w
A Visit to DeMiccoli 
27”h x 21”w
20”h x 20”w
Night Dazzler
20 1/4”h x 26 1/4”w
Tropical Gold
21”h x 27”w
12”h x 12”w
20 1/2”h x 28”w
Balloon Glow
19”h x 23”w
29”h x 14”w
21”h x 16”w
Vintage Bicycles
27 3/4” h x 16 1/4”w
17”h x 11”w
29”h x 21 1/2”w
Best Friend
15 1/2”h x 12”w
Bean Dream
25 1/8”h x 20 1/8”w
Popcorn Heaven
27”h x 24 3/4”w
Dragon Tree
28”h x 19”w
Bubble Bath
26 1/8”h x 19 1/4”w
Slumber Party
21”h x 29”w
Pretzel Maker
27”h x 21”w
A Barrel of Ouch 
20"h x 26"w
14”h x 10”w
Eileen Mueller Neill paintings

Transparent Watercolor