Big things come from small beginnings. At the early age of five, my first school teacher, in Cincinnati, Ohio, recognized my creative talent and encouraged me to develop it. Since then, I have always strived to express myself visually.
     My formal art training began in 1958, at Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan. There, I took my first watercolor class and began experimenting with paper sculpture. 
     After graduating from high school, I continued my art education on scholarship at Columbus College of Art and Design, in Columbus, Ohio, where I received a BFA in 1965 and was later awarded a honorary MFA in 1993.
    Currently I work out of my studio in Riverwoods, Illinois, outside Chicago.
There, I have been illustrating and designing for publishers and advertising agencies over the past forty years. 
     When I am not working on commercial assignments, I enjoy expressing my own ideas, creating in a variety of mediums. My work is a reflection of how I view the world around me. 
     I have exhibited  across the country, winning several awards as well as admiration from young and old.

Exhibited in the 2013 - 2014 Shenzhen Watercolor Biennial at the Shenzhen Art Museum, in Shenzhen, China
Solo Exhibitions  
Old Town Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, November 2004
University of Illinois Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, September 2006
University of Illinois Chicago, Chicago Illinois, August 2007
The Artist Project May 2008, Chicago, Illinois, Merchandise Mart
Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois, December 2008 to January 2009
University of Wisconsin Parkside. March to May 2012

Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolor, Old Forge, New York
The Segal Family Award 2000, the Charles Wetzman & William Kowalsky 
Memorial Award 2007

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society
Excellence in Figure Award 2009

Society of Watercolor Artists, Forth Worth, Texas
Best of Show 2004, Creative Catalyst Production Award 2006, 
Honorable Mention 2010 & 2013, Second Place 2011, Juror’s Award 2012

Watercolor Society of Houston, Houston, Texas
Honorable Mention, 2003, 2004, & 2007

Texas Watercolor Society, San Antonio, Texas
Oppenheimer Foundation Award 2005, Windsor Newton Award 2006

Cambridge Art Association Annual National Exhibition 2005
Second Place 2005

The Municipal Art League of Chicago Biennial Midwest Fine Art Competition
Second Place 2004, Honorable Mention 2006 & 2008

Watercolor West Exhibition, Riverside, California
The Walter Foster Publishing Inc. Award 2005

Louisiana Watercolor Society Annual International Exhibition, New Orleans, Louisiana
M. Graham & Company, Gallery Eclats Award 2004, Honorable Mention 2005

Watercolor USA Annual Exhibition, Springfield, Missouri
The Arches Paper Award, Patron Purchase Award 2006
Jack Richerson & Co. Award 2009

Kentucky Watercolor Society’s National Exhibition, Louisville, Kentucky
Traveling Show Award 2005 & 2008

Red River Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition, Fargo, North Dakota
Merit Award 2007

North East Watercolor Society’s Annual Exhibition, Kent, Connecticut
Wild Ink Award 2008

Norris Gallery, St. Charles, Illinois
Merit Award 2005, Honorable Mention 2008, Honorable Mention 2011
Best of Show 2014

Western Colorado Watercolor Society National Exhibition,
Honorable Mention 2007

Northwest Cultural Council’s Annual Exhibition, Elmhurst, Illinois
Honorable Mention 2008

The Artist Magazine Annual Competition, USA
Finalist 2000, 2001 & 2009

San Diego Watercolor Society
Alison Christler Award 2010
CAL-DIEGO Veterans of America Award 2014

Philadelphia Watercolor Society
Frank Norfer Award for Transparent Watercolor 2011

North East Watercolor Society
The Dorothy L. Rosenberger Memorial Award 2011
Award of Excellence 2014

Recent Works 2014 - Lake County College, Illinois
Award of Excellence 2024

Illinois Watercolor Society 2015 Exhibition
Award of Excellence 2015

Magazine Articles
Watercolor Magic- February 2005, page 18
Newspaper Articles
Deerfield Review- April 2004

Selected Books Illustrated
Boxcar Children Cookbook, Albert Whitman Publishing
Forest Plants, Desert Plants, River Plants, Wetland Plants, Pond Plants, Seashore Plants, Heinemann Library
God and Me, Charles Mills
Reading, My time to Shine, Scott Foreman Publishing
Hide-and-Seek-Safety, Early World of Learning, World Book Publishing
Christmas in America’s Capitol, World Book Publishing
Christmas in Scotland, Christmas in Russia, Christmas in Belgium, Christmas in Puerto Rico, World Book Publishing
The Aztecs, The Incas, The Maya, The Sumerians, Heinemann Library
Spelling Words and Skills, Grade 1 and 5, Scott Foresman Publishing
Language, Skills and Use, Scott Foresman Publishing
All About You with Inspector McQ, World Book Publishing
Play it Safe , Activity Book, World Book Publishing 

Signature Member
National Watercolor Society
Transparent Watercolor Society of America
Watercolor USA Honor Society
Watercolor West
Texas Watercolor Society 
North East Watercolor Society
Kentucky Watercolor Society
Pennsylvania Watercolor Society
Western Colorado Watercolor Society
Philadelphia Water Color Society
San Diego Watercolor Society
California Watercolor Society
Watercolor Art Society Houston
American Watercolor Society
Society of Watercolor Artist


15 “H x 15” W
Transparent Watercolor
Eileen Mueller Neill about me